I’ve been helping students, my kids, and baalei Teshuva for over 15 years learn how to read and translate Torah. One thing is clear: making the translation make sense is hard. One might know a lot of root words, might know all the prefixes and suffixes, but weaving it together into English is hard.

Even using a Hebrew/English translation doesn’t always help because it can be difficult to match the Hebrew to the English and know the meaning of each word.

Over all the years of helping my kids with their Judaic studies homework, I’ve always thought, “This assignment is fine for my kids, because I was blessed to learn in Yeshiva, so I can help my kids. But what about for other kids whose parents can’t help them?” And often, even I don’t have all the time that I’d like to have, and it would be great for my kids to have a resource to use to help them translate.

Or, in other words, why isn’t there something like Khan Academy for Torah studies? Not lectures or classes, just simple reading and translating. A place any student, young or old, could go to get a clear understanding of the basic understanding of any Torah text.

That’s why I’m starting Talmid.