I hope everyone had a fantastic Pesach.

I took off some time before and during Pesach to get ready and do some day trips. Consequently, I only managed to produce one course this month, Mishnah Sukkah Chapter 1.


It has 11 Mishnayot, so it is significantly longer than many of the other courses. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I really enjoyed using video to teach this section, as it requires a lot of diagrams to make some of the cases clear.

If you have bought/subscribed to All of Talmid, this course is included at no additional cost.

On deck: Gemara Berakhot, Chapter 4. I'm so excited to prepare this.

In lieu of any other news, here's an amazing picture from a hike we took during Hol HaMoed to Mt. Si.

Chodesh Tov,


Founder, Talmid.me