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Update: 3 Nissan 5778

This past month, I published Mishnah: Pesachim Chapter 10, just in time for Pesach. This chapter deals with many of the laws of the Seder night. It was great to prepare. I hope you'll enjoy it. Here are the first two Mishnayot: Requirements for the Pesach night Blessings on the first cup If...


Update: 6 Adar 5778

Last month, I published the Megillah Perek 2. This chapter addresses how to read the Megillah on Purim. Check out the first two mishnayot for free: 2:1 Reading the Megillah 2:2 Skipping and the scroll I've also started started working on the Pesachim Chapter 10. This is the chapter that...


Update: 1 Shevat 5778

Wow. A lot happened at Talmid over the past month. Published Mishnah: Berachot Chapter 6 Setup ability to purchase All of Talmid, all access to current and future courses. Annouced next course,Mishnah Berachot Chapter 4. Setup Facebook page, now up to over 160 likes. Thanks so much for...


Beginner, intermediate, and advanced, explained.

Here's how we define skill levels. Beginner Can read Hebrew with difficulty. Knows most of the common words like לא, כי, and such. Knows most of the prefixes and suffixes of words. Knows that to translate, you often need to change the word order to make sense in English. Are learning...


The Talmid Story

I’ve been helping students, my kids, and baalei Teshuva for over 15 years learn how to read and translate Torah. One thing is clear: making the translation make sense is hard. One might know a lot of root words, might know all the prefixes and suffixes, but weaving it together into English is...